We have all taken a sacred oath to do no harm.
We have all made a conscious and genuine commitment to further our patients’ health and well-being. And we do our best to live up to that promise when it comes to pressure injuries. We proactively train our staff in best practices and invest in prevention technology. Yet, despite all our efforts, pressure injuries continue to occur, and often worsen.

Some pressure injuries may be unavoidable due to unusual medical conditions or patient nonadherence. Despite your facility’s best efforts at prevention and treatment, some PIs may worsen due to patient nonadherence or a shortage of manpower.

These are real challenges you face every day.

We at the Institute for Pressure Injury Prevention are here to help your facility triumph over those challenges.

Our founders – all industry leaders in the theory and practice of pressure injury prevention and treatment – collaborate with your leadership to actively learn about your facility’s current processes, and then create custom, actionable solutions based on cutting-edge research. Your facility will benefit from our guidance throughout the implementation and fine-tuning stages of deployment, until you stand as an industry benchmark for how incredible pressure injury prevention can be.

Extend the lives of your patients.
Elevate their comfort and well-being.
Enhance the job satisfaction of every caretaker in your facility.

We’re here for you – and with you.
Let’s reduce the incidence of pressure injuries in your facility, together.

Our purpose at IPIP

is to support
facilities in
their unending
quest to
incidence of