IPIP board meeting in Florence, Italy – Sep 25, 2016

The leadership of The Institute for Pressure Injury Prevention – the world’s leading educators, clinicians and researchers on the subject – met in Florence, Italy to finalize IPIP’s philosophy, methodology and practical focus.
One of the significant events of the meeting was the discussion on how to engage and involve all levels of healthcare staff – from the front line CNAs, to the nursing staff, to the facility administrators.
“Anyone who is involved in healthcare has chosen the profession because they care,” explained Professor Liz Schoonhoven, current head of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and founding member of IPIP.

“Ultimately, they all want to do the right thing for their patients. If there is ever a lack of success when it comes to pressure injury prevention, it’s not due to lack of desire. It’s our goal at IPIP to enable healthcare staff to consistently translate that desire into reality.”